Providing powerful and detailed insights into the evolving nature of the consumer market for each of

  • 106 countries

  • 31 Provinces of China

  • 611 Cities of China

Global Demographics database covers

  • Age and gender profile of the population

  • Education profile of adults

  • Number and Nature of households

  • Employment

  • Distribution of Households by Income

  • Expenditure by type by income level

For the years 2005 to 2017 actual and Projected to 2037


China’s Demographic Future

A detailed report on the nature of China’s demographics and how it might be expected to change over the next 20 years. It helps the reader understand what China will be like demographically in the future and with that identify future market opportunities - in time to take advantage of them. More…

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On Line Database

By subscribing to our database you have access to the data as and when you need it. You can choose between preset tables and charts or create our own tables and download in csv format. Being online the database is always the latest version of the data. More or Logon

Mobile Apps

Have key variables at your finger tips. The free version provides basic data on all counties province and cities for 2007 2017 and 2027. What is the population of Romania, how fast is it growing? Answered in seconds. For a modest sum you can purchase additional data on a country/Province/City and have it on your mobile in seconds. Available for Android and Apple. More…..

Individual Country/Province/City Reports

These are in Pdf format and provide a 26 page synopsis of how a country/Province/city has and is expected to change over the previous and next two decades. Each page is a chart and table on a key aspect of the demographics and household income and expenditure.

Excel Format Database by Country/Province/City

This is a static database in Excel format for those who want to do extended analysis. It is the latest version as at time of purchase. It is available for online purchase and download.