Mobile Apps - User Guide

  • Home screen
  • Selecting a Country/Province/City
  • Viewing the Data
  • Selecting Years to Display
  • Purchasing Premium Data
  • Help

Initial Home Screen

  1. Access Data - Takes you to the menu to select the Country/China Province/China City to display
  2. User Guide - takes you to this page - how to use it
  3. Data Range - takes you to a web page detailing the variables in the free and premium packages and the countries and Provinces and Cities of China that are covered.
  4. Sync Data - updates the database.  This is done on first install, but you are advised to click on it from time to time to ensure you have the latest data. Normally it is automatically updated - but just in case..... 
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Access Data

On Pressing this button you see the screen below:

Initially there are just three lines - one each for Countries, Provinces and Cities as well as a search box.

By pressing on the bar for any one the options within that drop down.

  1. In the case of countries it lists 12 geographical regions - tap on the appropriate one and a list of the countries within that will drop down.  To select a  country simply tap on that name.
  2. In the case of China Provinces - all 31 are listed in the drop down - simply select the one you want to see,
  3. In the case of China Cities - given that there are 611 of them - the first drop down is Province name - select the province the city is in and then all cities in that province are listed.  Then select the city you want details on.


simply enter the name of the country/Province/City you want to see in the search box at the top of the screen and select the option from the list that appears below.

Pic 2.jpg

Viewing the Data

On selecting a country a screen similar to that shown below appears.  

Each grey bar is a category of data - tapping on it reveals the data for that category as shown by the white rows under the heading 'Households'

The user can expand or condense each category as needed.

Pic 3.jpg

This is where the user can select to purchase the more detailed data for the currently selected Country/Province/City. Clicking on 'Purchase' takes you to the 'in app purchase' screen.

The Button 'More information' takes you to a web page describing the additional data series that are available in this purchase option.


Selecting Years/CAGR

At the top of the data screen the default years are shown (2016 and 2026) and also the CAGR (Compound average growth rate).

In the basic (free) package you can change the CAGR colum to 2026 and the other two columns are 2006 and 2016.

In the Premium Package the three columns can be any 2 years between 2006 and 2026 and the CAGR or any three years data.  The only requirement is that they must be in order - ie the first column must be the oldest data and the last column must be the most forward data.

Pic 4.jpg


Purchase of Premium Data

If you select to obtain the more detailed data on a County/China Province or China City by clicking the blue 'Purchase' button then the following popup box will appear.  This shows the Country/Province/City for which the data is being purchased and the price (for 12 months access to that additional data). 

On selecting 'Purchase' this pop up will disappear and a 'data sync ' message appears.  Once the additional data is uploaded then you will be returned to the home screen for that country/Province/City with the additional data and years being available.




If you have a problem please email us at and we will attempt to respond as quickly as possible.  Please explain what the issue is so we can address it promptly.