Mobile App - Premium Package

This is sold by Country/Province/City and includes all the variables in the Free Basic Package (listed in the left side of the table) as well as additional variables as detailed in the right hand column below.  The only variable that is not available for all is urban household incomes.  For some countries this is not available.

It is an annual subscription and it will auto-renew annually. However the data base is updated throughout the year as new information and forecasts are made available and updates are pushed out to your handset.

The data is available on your mobile almost immediately after the purchase is completed and will remain available for the duration of the subscription.  

The countries/Provinces/Cities for which you have purchased the premium data will have a slightly different layout to that of other countries/Provinces/Cities


Basic Package (Free) Premium Package US$9 per per Country/Province/City
including years: 2006, 2016 & 2026 including years: 2006 to 2026 & 2035
Includes all Countries, 31 Provinces of China and 611 China Cities and Towns.
Total Population Includes all listed in ‘Basic (Free) Package ’ and…
% of Population: 0-14 Year Old Population: 0-14 Year Old 000s
% of Population: 15-24 Year Old Population: 15-24 Year Old 000s
% of Population: 25-39 Year Old Population: 25-39 Year Old 000s
% of Population: 40-64 Year Old Population: 40-64 Year Old 000s
% of Population: 65+ Year Old Population: 65 + Years Old 000s
Total Households (000s) Percent of population that is urban
Average Household Size (persons) Average Age
Percent of adults with Vocational/Tertiary education Total Births (000s)
Total Employed Labour Force (000s) Birth Rate
Total Real GDP (US$ BN) % Births to Mothers over 34 yrs of age
Real GDP Per Capita (US$) Females aged 15 to 49 years (000s)
Average Real Household Income (US$) Total Deaths (000s)
Urban Households (000s)
Urban Household Size (persons)
% All Households that are 1-2 persons
% All Households that are 3-4 persons
% All Households that are 5+ persons
% Adults with Upper Secondary Education
% Adults with Vocational/Tertiary Education
Relative Education Standard Index
Working Age (15-74 yrs) Population 000s
Total Employed (000s)
Propensity of Working Age to be employed (%)
Average Employed Persons per Household
Dependents per Employed Persons
Households (000s) with a Gross Income Greater than


  Number of Households (000s) with a Gross income of:
  US$0 to 10,000 pa
  US$10,000 to 20,000 pa
  US$20,000 to 50,000 pa
  US$50,000 to 125,000 pa
  US$125,000 pa and above
Average Total Expenditure per household (US$ pa)