Step One:
Loading Data into the Model 

To set up the model you must

  1. Select the country to be used. The options shown in the drop down box will be a function of which data sets you have subscribed to.

  2. Select the years to be displayed in the main output grid.

The base year is constrained to the last year for which actual data exists for that country (currently 2017).

The future year can be any value after 2017 and up to 2043 (inclusive).

The choice of the future year is important if you change the values of the determinant variables in the main grid (the cells highlighted with a red boarder). It is however, better to set values for these variables in the scenario sheet described later. This allows you to set the shape of the trend of the variable by individual years. However, changing the value in the grid is a quick solution.

Finally, click on the ‘Setup’ Button to load the data. This normally takes only a few seconds, but it is refreshing the underlying data blocks and the screen will switch between different sheets momentarily.. However, you are returned to the main page once finished.

Household Income Distribution

HHold Income.jpg

At the top right of the main model is a section showing the distribution of households by income.

There are five income steps.

You can redefine the break points used for the country selected. Simply change the values in the highlighted box. The model will then use those breaks when solving the scenario.

You must set these values before you run the scenario.