This is an 'occasional series (typically every month) on key issues identified from either current events (such as the change in the one child policy in China) or from on going analysis of the database.  We hope that you find it interesting. 

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August 2019

Who Values Education?

July 2019

Greece’s Declining Population

June 2019

China’s growing demand for healthcare

May 2019

Thailand - Steady Growth Continues.

April 2019

Has Vietnam Got it Right? Looks Like it Has.

March 2019

Using Education and Fixed Capital Investment to Identify Countries with better Growth Prospects.

February 2019

Segmenting Countries by Age and Income.

January 2019

The Global Picture of Household Spending Power

December 2018

China’s Importance to the Premium Clothing Market

November 2018

The Impact of Demographics on GDP Growth Rates

October 2018

Will India Deliver its Demographic Dividend?

September 2018

Upper Income is a Moving Target in Urban China

August 2018

China's Labour Force is, and is not, growing!