Excel Epi Model

Be able to instantly see for a specific country and condition for the years 2005 to 2037

  • Base population profile (age groups by gender)
  • The incidence/prevalence rate for a selected condition by age and gender for each year
  • The number of cases by age and gender for each year
  • The market value (using an average market price and diagnosed and compliance rates)
  • Set your own brands price and see
  • The number of persons with the condition that can afford the brand given the price and funding scenario selected
  • The market value of the brand under different market share scenarios

Using the Model


DashBoard Page

This is the home screen and where you set the main parameters

Dashboard pic.jpg


Setting Scenarios

On this page you can set for each year a value for the key variables in the model

You can enter a value for each year - or just for a few non consecutive years and then press 'Fill' button at the top.  This will then fill in the intervening years using a linear rate.  However, do note that to use 'Fill' the very first and very last cells must have a value entered (which can be zero).



The Tables

There is a single sheet on which the selected table is shown

You can switch between tables by clicking the relevant button at the top.  (Blue section at the top).  There are 6 tables available

  • Total population by age and gender
  • Incidence or prevalence rate by age and gender
  • Total cases in each year by age and gender
  • Total market value
  • Own brand share of cases
  • Own brand market value (price * number of users)

Which ever table has been selected can then be displayed in a chart by selecting one of the buttons in the chart menu (yellow section at the top of the page)


Table screen.jpg