Demographics Database

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Global Demographics also offers a detailed  demographics database incorporating all variables from 2005 to 2037 in a single Excel workbook for each country or region covered. This allows you to do your own analysis or integrate the data into your existing databases/models. The database is organised with years on the horizontal axis and variables on the vertical axis.

Exactly the same format / data cell reference is used for all countries and regions making comparison and analysis easier.

  • Total population by 5 yrs (or user requested) age groups
  • Male population by 5 yrs (or user requested) age groups
  • Female population by 5 yrs (or user requested) age groups
  • Population change (total births/deaths/migration)
  • Total Households
  • Distribution of households by number of persons in them
  • Urban and rural populations, households and household size (where relevant – see Coverage page for identification of the countries for which urban and rural sub populaitons are available).
  • Education profile of all Adults (and by gender if available)
  • Total employed (and by gender if available)
  • Participation rate of working age population
  • Employment by Occupation (not available for all countries)
  • Employment by Sector (not available for all countries)
  • Labour force trends – GDP per worker, Dependency ratio, Percent of total population employed
  • Total GDP – Nominal and Real (Local Currency and US$)
  • GDP per capita – Nominal and Real (Local Currency and US$)
  • Exchange rate to US$
  • Fixed Capital Investment per worker and Accumulated Fixed Capital Investment per worker
  • Private Consumption Expenditure (US$ Bn) and as Percent of Total GDP
  • Average household income
  • Distribution of households by income segment (Standard is 14 breaks but tailored breaks can be requested)
  • Where applicable
    – Average Urban household income and distribution of urban households by income
    – Average rural household income and distribution of rural households by income
  • For any and all income segments and separately for total, urban and rural households where applicable
    – Number of households in income segment
    – Average household size
    – Average income before tax
    – Average tax
    – Average disposable income
    – Total spent
    – Total saved
    – Of total spent – amount spent on each of food and non-alcoholic beverages, Tobacco and Alcohol, clothing and footwear, residence, utilities, daily use and household operations, health, Transport, communications, Education, Recreation and personal care
  • Estimated distribution of persons (000s) by age and income of the household they live in.


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Price is US$150 per country / China Province / China City.


All databases are in an Excel workbook- the layout of variables and years is consistent across all regions and countries to make comparison easy.

Regions Covered

75 Countries, 31 Provinces and 611 major cities of China and, in late 2018,  32 States of India. Note the database is available for any other county (village or township) in China on request. For a listing of the China cities available now please go to the ‘Coverage’ page.

Example DEMOGRAPHICS Database

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