China's Demographic Future (All Chapters)

China's Demographic Future (All Chapters)

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gain an insight into where China is now


where China is heading over the next 20 years.

The ‘no nonsense’ briefing on the future of China.

By understanding how China’s demographic profile will change over the next 20 years the reader will see the opportunities (and challenges) that will emerge in future years.


  1. Introduction Content and Methodology

  2. The Existing Demographic Profile

  3. The Projected Population Trend over the next 20 years

  4. Urbanisation

  5. The Evolving Consumer and Household Profile

  6. Education

  7. The Labour Force

  8. The Impact of Demographics on GDP Forecasts

  9. Household Incomes

  10. Household Expenditure Patterns

  11. Summary and Strategic Issues