By uniquely combining data from multiple sources
we provide a comprehensive profile
of the current and future nature of the consumer market
for each of 108 countries and 31 Provinces and 611 Cities in China



We achieve this by combining

Age/gender data, with data on births, deaths, immigration, household number and structure, education, employment, wages and household income and expenditure into a single statistical model which projects future trends.

We cover

  • 108 countries and 88% of the world’s population (See list)

  • 31 Provinces of China

  • 611 Cities of China (see list)

The Database includes:

  • Age and gender profile of the population

  • Birth and Death rates and migration trends

  • Education profile of adults

  • Number and Nature of households

  • Employment, productivity and participation rates

  • Distribution of Households by Income

  • Expenditure by type by income level

The underlying statistical model

  • uses data from 1994 to 2017 for modelling purposes

  • and then projects to 2037.


On Line Database

By subscribing to our database you have access to the data as and when you need it. You can choose between preset tables and charts or create our own tables and download in csv format. Being online, the database is always the latest version of the data. More or Login for Existing Subscribers

Individual Country/Province/City Reports

These are in Pdf format and provide a 26 page synopsis of how a country/Province/city has and is expected to change over the previous and next two decades. Each page is a chart and table on a key aspect of the demographics and household income and expenditure.

Tailored age and/or income breaks applied to the Database for any Country/Province/City.

This is a static database in Excel format for those who want to do extended analysis and/or require non standard age groupings (i.e. not the usual 5 yr steps) or income breaks. As we store both these variables in detail we can accommodate specific requests - typically within 24 hours. It is the latest version as at time of purchase. It is available for online purchase and download. More…