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Our online database provides detailed demographic and socio-economic forecasts from which to make market and investment decisions. It covers:

75 countries: 31 China Provinces: 625 China Cities
Providing historic data from: 2005 to 2015, Forecasts to 2036.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Choose a country, China Province or City - then explore using either the preset tables, interactive apps to change the forecast for a variable(s) and see the impact onother variables, or create custom tables for download and analysis.



Understand how the underlying population profile will change in the future. See the extent to which different age groups are expected to change in size over selected years; total population growth; trend in births and deaths; trend in the birth rate.

Income & Expenditure

Household Income & Expenditure

What is the real average household income?

How will it change over a selected time period?

By income segment, see what proportion of it is spent .. and how much on each of 12 expenditure categories?

Education & Productivity

Education & Productivity

See how the education profile of the adult population has and will change over time.

Examine the impact education and fixed capital investment have on productivity and the implication for wages and household incomes.



How will the number of households & their distribution by number of occupants change over time?

What is the implication in terms of housing requirements?



How much will the size of the working age population change in future? What is the impact of the older worker?

How will a changing working age population and propensity to work affect the future size of the labour force and GDP?

Interactive Models

Interactive models

Enabling you to see how different forecasts for a variable or variables impacts on other variables. For example, the impact of increased female participation rates on the size of the labour force: on household incomes?

The model lets you test a range of scenarios for any country, China Province or China City.

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Our Value Add

Good business decisions depend on understanding how the business environment is changing.  Global Demographics' online database and apps provide forecasts and insights of what the future population,  households, labour force, income and expenditure patterns might be like and the implications of that for the size and value of key age/income segments.



July 2016

What will the impact of slower immigration be on the UK's economy?


June 2016 - Japan


China's Demographic Future

Much of the social & economic changes that takes place in a country, are driven by changes in the underlying demographic and socio-economic profile. This Publication examines in detail how the demographic and socio-economic profile of China can be expected to change over the next 20 years.

Be prepared for the future China, rather than be surprised by it.


Just need the data? The database for each country (including forecasts) is available in Excel format for immediate download once payment is received by credit card.  The price per country, China Province or China City is US$150.

For details on the variables included in the database please go to the page on Databases.


Mobile Apps

Access and compare key demographic and household income information and forecasts for over 75 countries, 31 China Provinces and 350 China Cities.