Know the past, present & future for demographic and socio-economics

Covering a vast: 75 Countries, 32 China Provinces, 617 China Cities with a year range of 2005 - 2035.

“The value of 360 is not the historical data, it’s the forecasts. We forecast to 2035
on all data series absolutely unique for most EM counties and China.”

This online platform provides you with a range
of flexible subscription options for access.

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What is GDL 360?

GDL 360 is a suite of analytical tools powered but a leading-edge database with
over 2400 data points. The platform allows you to find answers to your most
important demographic and economic questions and their future trends.

Solutions for your Research and Marketing

Review key historic and projected
demographic and socio-economic
characteristics of 75 Countries, 32
China Provinces, 617 China Cities.

Analyse we give you access to our
forecasting models and technologies.
Enter your own data to test
assumptions on future trends.

Compare your chosen geography against
others. 360 provides you with a range of
analytical tools to compare and analyze
future trends.

Download your chosen data can be
downloaded into Excel for further
analysis or to easily include in your

Determine the Demographic and Economic Characteristics

Key Population Statistics

Age Gender Detail



Household Income

Household Expenditure

"Access the only harmonised database of every city in China wih the only forecast taking
into account rural to urban and urban to urban migration and changes in the birth policy"

Forecasts are updated dynamically when new
historic data becomes available and updated at
least quarterly to reflect updates on GDP growth
as this effects household incomes and trends.

Visualize and analyze all the demographic &
socio-economic data you need in one place.
In a few minutes you can start accessing the
most comprehensive suite of tools, data and
trends available.

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