We produces four different report series: Consumer Market Forecasts; Household Expenditure on, and Demand for, Telecoms; Retail and Residential Property Demand & Special Topic Reports.

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GDL Mobile

Access forecasts of, household, labour force profiles and the distribution of households by income for each of 75 countries, 32 Provinces and 350 cities of China on your smartphone or Pad wherever you are.

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GDL Datamine

Create your own Excel Tables selecting the years, countries and variables you want. Download immediately to your computer or device. Pay only for the data you need for immediately analysis.

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Our key demographic and socioeconomic data is available for over 75 countries as shown in red on the chart opposite. Our forecasts of the population, households, labour force, and the distribution of households by income enable you to:

Easily understand future population statistics
Size potential markets
Develop sound business planning & marketing strategies

All our products are available to purchase and download instantly

GDL Mobile App & Datamine Online

Over 75 countries
31 China Provinces
363 China Prefectures
350 China Cities

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Access and compare key demographic information and forecasts via GDL Mobile or GDL Datamine our browser based application. For more information on all of our apps please click here (Datamine can be accessed via any web browser. GDL Mobile is available via Apple app store and Android Google Play)

Did You Know?


India needs to find 7 million extra jobs a year, for every year to 2033, just to maintain existing levels of employment.  Increased female participation would require an even greater number of new jobs to be created. 

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